1. Helios

    Gibson has just issued a statement that says it is in the process of finding a solution to its bankruptcy problem.

    "While the musical instrument and pro audio segments have been profitable and...
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  2. B Ryuu

    What I have always found fascinating is how the body works like a puzzle. Certain minerals work with certain vitamins, everything has a purpose. When one level is off, we risk illnesses. Vitamin C...
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  3. Christian

    Archaeologists in Mexico have found ancient relics in an enormous underwater cave, including fossils of an ancient elephant and giant sloths, as well as a shrine to a Mayan god.

    Read the full...
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  4. Helios

    Once again, we have another school shooting...

    And once again, details are starting to emerge that don't seem to add up.

    Here's a list of things I've found so far. Please be sure to add anything...
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  5. bl00ddiamond

    So this is something that has been going on for years. We all know it. There are better ways of doing things, cheaper ways of getting things done, and cures for just about everything imaginable....
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  6. Christian

    According to the article (linked below), the autopsy report of alleged Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock has been released. If this document is real (pdf also linked below), then it would seem...
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  7. Laurel

    The man is being questioned currently, but they aren't releasing any real details here. It's a genuine mystery!

    A 59-year old veteran Toronto firefighter was skiing with a group of fellow...
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  8. Christian

    Even if you are extremely unfamiliar with Greek mythology, chances are you've heard of Pandora's Box.

    Hesiod's Theogony contains a creation story, but it describes the creation of the gods, not...
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  9. Helios

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  10. RocSalt

    Published by Science magazine, it states that polar bears are facing extinction a lot faster than they originally thought and this is down to a few key things. For one, they have a high-fat diet....
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  11. Helios

    I'm not the only one seeing things...


    Doesn't that look like Obama has six fingers?

    Well, check this out:

    The Six Digits Phenomenon.
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  12. zorkborg

    Who pays for the pizza? Redefining the relationships between doctors and drug companies. 1: Entanglement
    Hundreds of Scientists Tell The World That The GMO & Cancer Link Is Real

    So a lot of...
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  13. Laurel

    Disguised as a man for 18 months, feminist and lesbian journalist Nora Vincent infiltrated male strongholds by taking acting lessons and using professional makeup techniques. Although some men...
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  14. Warlord From Dimension X

    Researchers have found that the famous "alien" Voynich Manuscript is actually written in Hebrew, thanks to artificial intelligence that was used to help finally decipher the text.

    However, the...
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  15. Warlord From Dimension X

    According to a renowned scientist, a human-chimpanzee hybrid was born in a Florida lab 100 years. The female chip was inseminated with human semen which eventually resulted in a live birth of the...
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  16. Laurel

    I think based on a lot of the posts on this forum, your average visitor just stopping by really might start to get the impression that our forum community is very anti-technology. I was just...
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  17. Christian

    I know California tends to be a bit extreme with their health warnings, but this time they're right on the money.

    The California Department of Public Health has just issued guidelines about...
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  18. Christian

    On this day in history, February 14, 1990...

    The Voyager 1 spacecraft captured the planet Earth in a photograph that would later become the famous Pale Blue Dot.

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  19. Christian

    On this day in history, February 13, 1633...

    Galileo Galilei arrived in Rome for his trial before the Inquisition. At issue was Galileo's view and writings on Heliocentrism. Because readers could...
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