1. Christian

    You can download the highly-anticipated assassination records that have just been released to the public here:

    JFK Assassination Records - 2017 Additional Documents Release

    According to the...
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  2. Laurel

    These photos are unlike anything I've ever seen before.

    I've seen brush fire devastation before in real life where entire forests have been destroyed. Having said that, I've only seen the woods...
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  3. Helios

    White House chief of staff John Kelly lashed out at Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), saying he was "stunned" by her negative description of President Trump's call to the wife of a fallen...
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  4. Helios

    Here is the latest video released by Project Veritas. This one goes into the topic of the political bias of newspapers and even though the media seems to hate Trump, he's been a boon for business,...
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  5. Christian

    The theory of evolution, postulated by Charles Darwin suggested that certain genetic mutations have given advantages to certain species. For example, a bird that developed a longer beak as the...
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  6. Helios

    With Hollywood in the news over the past few days, a lot of details are coming out about just how dirty some of the big players really are. We are hearing stories about sexual harassment and...
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  7. Aristarchus

    This is a bizarre undercover interview made by Project Veritas journalists. It's strange because the person being interviewed (undercover) admits to being James Comey's godson and that he was an...
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