The state of human relationships is experiencing a period of great change. Social networking has fundamentally changed the way we interact with one another. Communication is instant with anyone with an Internet connection. More couples meet on the Internet than ever before. Though we are more connected, many people feel more alone than ever before. The traditional family is in decline, marriage rates continue to hit new lows, and the divorce rate is rising steadily. Promiscuity is increasingly accepted. One is left to wonder if these changes are a consequence of our disposable society and our apathetic willingness to give up on problems rather than try to work them out.

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  1. Laurel

    In the latest Project Veritas undercover investigation, Twitter engineers and employees admit that Twitter employees view"everything you post" on their servers, including private "sex messages,"...
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  2. B Ryuu

    Looking back at 2017 I just have to point out a few things we have seen happen.

    We have seen freedom of speech become a crime.
    We have seen so many men get filed as predators and sex offenders....
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  3. Aristarchus

    I would like to wish all of our registered members, guests and visitors a very Merry Christmas!

    Rejoice in the knowledge that Light is returning to our world! A single candle in dark room...
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  4. bigbossjock

    #Bigbossjock, Radio Show, copyrighted are these writings, Big Boss Jock broadcasted live, heard on the Mighty Seven Fifty, AM 750khz, picked up by crystal sets, supplied with a 1N34A diode,...
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  5. Laurel

    Ok, so trying to piece everything together from the Las Vegas shooting, I just came across this video. As you can see, the witness says that about 45 minutes into the show, a Hispanic woman...
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  6. Laurel

    In his essay "The Fate of Empires" Sir John Glubb noted that all empires throughout history seem to share similar traits, particularly when they are in decline. An undisciplined military,...
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  7. Christian

    According to a report by the World Health Organization, a mutated new form of Gonorrhea, being dubbed "Super Gonorrhea" is being spread worldwide through oral sex and it is currently untreatable....
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  8. Cornholio

    What does this say about the state of modern human relationships, when men are beginning to prefer a fake dummy to a real woman for not just sex, but also companionship?

    Another man said, "It's...
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  9. Christian

    On this day in history, June 3, 1140...

    French philosopher and founder of the metaphysical school of nominalism Peter Abelard was found guilty of heresy, putting an end to his teaching career....
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  10. Helios

    Lol I think the commies went a little too far this time...

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  11. Horus


    In the lyrics, we hear the words "just do what feels right..."

    Compare this to Aleister Crowley's Law of Thelema, which is, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"

    Isn't this...
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  12. Laurel

    According to this article, a man took selfies with his girlfriend who appears to be passed out in bed with a shirtless stranger have gone viral.

    Boyfriend 'who came home to find his girlfriend in...
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  13. Yikes!

    Dude apparently just kissed his girlfriend on the forehead a few times. At that point...the plot thickens!

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  14. Woah

    This was reported by various news outlets back in 2013...

    According to internal State Department memos, the agency might have called off or intervened in an investigation into possibly illegal...
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  15. Christian

    The American College of Pediatricians has released a statement urging healthcare professionals, educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to believe that a life of...
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  16. Cupid=Stupid

    After I got my heart broken years ago, I decided that being single was much better than the emotional torment of loving someone that did not love me back. So, for a long time...close to 10 years...
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  17. Helios

    Automation is a threat to thousands of different jobs, and the porn industry is not immune. Graphic designers can create computer-animated porn for a fraction of the cost of traditional porno...
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  18. Christian

    On this day in history, March 3, 1873...

    The Comstock Law, a federal act, was passed by the United States Congress. It banned the trade in, and circulation of, obscene literature and articles of...
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  19. guest

    Beginning on January 1, 2017, SB 1322 forbids law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do...
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  20. Christian

    If you thought the creepy sex magick rituals in Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" were dark, it apparently pales in comparison to the real thing...

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  21. Size Matters

    Let me start off by saying I've never been a "James Bond" type when it comes to women and dating. I've only ever had one serious girlfriend and...without getting into too many specifics, she...
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  22. Christian

    Very interesting look at the collateral damage being caused by porn and our society's obsession with sex and promiscuity.

    Sex was once a symbol of the gift each partner received in exchange for...
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  23. Christian

    On this day in history, January 18, 1884...

    Dr. William Price, a Welsh physician known for his support of Welsh nationalism, Chartism and his involvement with the Neo-Druidic religious movement,...
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  24. guest

    The following was tweeted by Hector Morenco, a researcher with close ties to investigators inside the NYPD and FBI:

    This election is about the globalist/marxist neoliberal mafia & their hostile...
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  25. Christian

    On this day in history, December 21, 1919...

    Just after 4:00 a.m., anarchist Emma Goldman, her companion Alexander Berkman and over 200 other foreign-born radicals were rounded up and deported to...
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  26. Helios

    Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest beer festival, says its turnout is the lowest in 15 years because of security fears and an increase in reports of sex crimes.

    Sex Crimes Increase as Oktoberfest...
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  27. Guest

    First off I am very well in the head. I have a normal work life, becoming a police officer soon and my girlfriend works in the hospital in nursing. Shes cooking dinner right, as I walk into...
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  28. Helios

    As America continues to sink further and further into the depths of Hell, the number one issue on everyone's mind isn't the dying middle class, the hostile takeover of Main Street's mom & pop...
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  29. Christian

    According to this article, undercover police officers that are trying to infiltrate certain groups will routinely have sex with members of the group as a way of gathering intelligence. The one...
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  30. Helios

    I find it interesting that things have gotten so warped and twisted in our society today, that being conservative and leaning towards traditional lifestyles is considered to be "alternative" and...
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  31. Christian

    One of my favorite shows of all time is Star Trek - The Original Series with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Gene Roddenberry and the other writers of the show were clearly visionaries on the...
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  32. Guest

    Oh brother. What kind of a world is this becoming?

    Apple's iPhone will now let you track exactly how often, when and how you have sex. When users click on the "Sexual Activity" feature, they can...
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  33. Guest

    Same-sex marriage, Obamacare, climate change, and now immigration. Many people are beginning to doubt that his "accomplishments" will actually last against legal scrutiny.

    Read more:

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  34. Guest

    States across America are jumping on the bandwagon to legalize same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, the two largest Native American tribes--as well as a few other smaller tribes--continue to ban it....
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