Societal Collapse

There is no doubt that technology has transformed civilization. Most important of all, information is instantly available to everyone. But a profound question remains: has technology actually made our lives better? Looking beyond the countless benefits we've all received from modern technology, there are downsides, as well. Cell phones and other wireless devices emit radiation. People are now virtually "on-call" 24/7 and many people have gotten into the habit of getting upset if you don't reply to them immediately. Playgrounds are empty while kids spend hours in front of the TV playing video games. Social networks have turned many of us into pretentious and narcissistic sociopaths. We're more connected yet more alone than ever before. Telling ghost stories around a campfire has devolved into everyone playing with their cell phones around a campfire. Aside from the social deterioration resulting from our inability to use technology wisely, moral and ethical values are degenerating rapidly, as well. People are becoming more angry, more violent, more mentally-unstable and less patient, compassionate and intelligent. What kind of a society are we creating?

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  1. RocSalt

    I am not sure what the plan is here, or if there even is one. It is something a friend and I were talking about. I feel like this whole "Gender is Fluid" and men and women are the same thing is...
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  2. Christian

    With all the fear associated around artificial intelligence, this makes that fear so much worse. Look at what's happening! Ideologies are being programmed into computer systems!


    Q: Who...
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  3. Christian

    Before you decide what side you're on in this whole take a knee crap going on in the NFL, you'd had better familiarize yourself with the Star Spangled Banner, its history and what it actually...
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  4. Helios

    A psychologist wrote an incredibly interesting article about the current state of the world since the advent of Smartphones.

    Most GenXers remember wanting to walk around the mall, get our...
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  5. Christian

    On this day in history, July 23, 1967...

    Police raided an unlicensed, after-hours bar near the corner of 12th Street (present-day Rosa Parks Boulevard and Virginia Park Avenue). After police...
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  6. Helios

    If robots are going to make jobs disappear, then who will be able to buy the things the robots make if no one has a job?

    If I can be 100% honest, I'm absolutely baffled as to why socialist...
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  7. Helios

    According to this article, Prince Harry, who has spent the past year campaigning for mental health, says that people are abusing their smartphones with excessive use--citing one study that...
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  8. Size Matters

    A new study reveals that having your mobile device within arm's reach reduces your brainpower. When a phone is nearby, people have a difficult time doing the simplest of tasks because smartphones...
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  9. Helios

    Do you feel like the world has been turned upside down over the past 20 years? Do you feel like the lunatics are now in charge of running the asylum? Everyone seems to be running with liberal...
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  10. Size Matters

    Corporations are increasingly adding a leftist tint to their advertisements, as a means to garner the highly coveted millennial 18-24 year-old demographic. And since younger Americans are...
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  11. Helios

    According to the apparent social media profiles of 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner, the NSA contractor who stole “Top Secret” documents from the National Security Agency and leaked them to The...
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  12. Helios

    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says the terror threat is much worse than most realize, adding that some people would "never leave the house" if they knew how bad it really is.

    DHS chief:...
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  13. Christian

    On this day in history, June 4, 1989...

    Seven weeks of peaceful protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square were violently ended the People's Liberation Army, which murdered hundreds of people...
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  14. Christian

    A man is suing a woman he took on a date because she was texting during the movie. According to a petition filed in small claims court, the plaintiff is asking for $17.31, the price of the movie...
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  15. Christian

    I'm not exactly sure how protests/demonstration work when you're in public. I've heard stories where sometimes you need a permit, but on the other hand, if you are doing it in public, I'd think...
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  16. Helios

    Operation Gotham Shield 2017, a major nuclear detonation drill, is scheduled for April 18th through May 5th, 2017 in the New York-New Jersey area.




    And here is an...
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  17. 2030

    Here is the original article being quoted:

    Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better

    The above article describes a communist utopia where no one owns...
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  18. Aristarchus

    I want to address a very peculiar thing that has recently started to happen in the world of advertising and its relation to the Internet.

    First, if you take a look around at O3P, you'll notice...
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  19. Laurel

    An alleged "selfie" of a reptilian alien was posted on 4chan. The thread was immediately deleted and the poster was banned. However, several people did have a chance to see the image even save it....
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  20. Christian

    There is a rumor swirling around that the story (that turned out to be fake) about President Trump wanting to use 100,000 National Guard members to round up illegal immigrants was actually a...
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  21. Aristarchus

    According to research, 45% of people message people in the same house rather than talk to them directly. Mealtime is disrupted in 1/3 of all families by mobile devices. And 25% of parents report...
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  22. Aristarchus

    Paul Joseph Watson is spot on here.

    The counter-revolution of the 1960s introduced radical, liberal attitudes to a generally conservative society. Radical liberalism, taking shape though rampant...
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  23. Helios

    Videos have emerged which show police officers bull-rushing liberal protesters who had taken over a busy downtown Portland, Oregon intersection. The protesters were blocking traffic, angering a...
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  24. Cornholio

    There were tons of conspiracy theories flying around about Walmart last year that coincided with Operation Jade Helm. Several Walmart stores around the country were closing "for repairs" at the...
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  25. V. Putin

    Vladimir Putin, in his 2016 Christmas speech, said that the Western liberal elites have abandoned the traditional values that made their countries great. He also said that instead of building a...
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  26. Laurel

    A popular bar in Brooklyn has raised its permitted drinking age to 25 after frustrated neighbors expressed outrage over the early-morning antics of the bar's younger patrons. One neighbor...
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  27. Laurel

    According to Mark Dice, MTV, once known as Music Television, is dead. He says they have ceased from being a music channel, and are now a strictly a social justice warrior liberal propaganda...
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  28. Laurel

    Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp claims that his agency's network has been hit by 10 separate cyberattacks over the past 10 months, and the attacks were all traced back to U.S. Department of...
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  29. Size Matters

    Let me start off by saying I've never been a "James Bond" type when it comes to women and dating. I've only ever had one serious girlfriend and...without getting into too many specifics, she...
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  30. Helios

    If this isn't enough to tell you that TPTB are shitting their pants right now over Donald Trump's win, I don't know what will.

    It is a full-on, direct assault of the alternative media! Among many...
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  31. Christian

    On this day in history, January 14, 1967...

    The Human Be-In event took place in San Francisco, California's Golden Gate Park. The event made the Haight-Ashbury district a symbol of American...
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  32. Christian

    On this day in history, December 20, 2001...

    Protests by the middle class against the government of President Fernando de la Rúa turned violent as civil unrest, looting and rioting began....
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  33. Laurel

    A British conspiracy theorist, Max Spiers, sent a text message to his mother saying, "If anything happens to me, investigate." Just a few days later, the 39 year old father of two was found dead...
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  34. Helios

    So as it turns out, "nationalism" and "patriotism" is old fashioned, racist and just plain irrelevant these days, according to the mindset of liberal douchebags that think they know everything,...
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  35. Christian

    On this day in history, October 8, 2001...

    President George W. Bush announced the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security (OHS) to coordinate "homeland security" efforts in response to...
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  36. Helios

    More civil unrest in South Carolina. Protesters have taken to the streets of Charlotte for a second night in a row following the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday. Officials allege a...
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  37. Guest

    What the fuck has happened to this country?!

    Under free market capitalism, if you run a business like shit YOU DESERVE TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS. Period!

    Nope, not in the USSA. You're called "too...
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  38. Christian

    We were just discussing the possibility of riots and the elections getting cancelled in this thread. Maybe we weren't too far off...

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  39. Guest

    Kids are so PC these days...

    First off, think about the phrase itself: POLITICALLY correct.

    So, if you're being all smug because you're all PC and know never to offend anyone and you think you...
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  40. Helios

    As America continues to sink further and further into the depths of Hell, the number one issue on everyone's mind isn't the dying middle class, the hostile takeover of Main Street's mom & pop...
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  41. Christian

    During the turbulent years of 1960s, Martin Luther King--along with JFK and RFK--found themselves caught in the midst of communist paranoia. They all spoke about freedom, equality, justice and...
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  42. Guest

    I know Bernie Sanders is really popular with the millennials, but he's a little too socialist for my taste. I think well-meaning kids support him because he seems to want things to be a little...
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  43. Guest

    PART 1:

    Here are some clues about the future. Are you clever enough to put all the pieces together to see the big picture?

    Here he is, the guy many Americans either love or hate. There is no...
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  44. Helios


    At least one of the dolphins suffered a horrific, traumatic and utterly unnecessary death, all so a few people could take a few selfies. After being groped by dozens of people, one of...
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  45. Helios

    Certainly not the kids. And certainly not education!

    In this explosive video about Common Core, a senior Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt sales executive says she hates kids and the textbook...
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  46. Helios

    Mega breaking news story coming out of Paris tonight...

    Updates to follow

    France's Hollande Orders Borders Closed, Paris Under First Mandatory Curfew Since 1944
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  47. Guest

    Now, isn't this quaint?

    "I suspect that the framers of the Bill of Rights have long since rolled over in their graves. They never meant that ordinary citizens, including crackpots, should be able...
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  48. Helios

    Federal agents and local and state police have raided a tattoo parlor and two other homes near Charlotte, NC before arresting three men accused of building explosives and conspiring to violate...
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  49. Guest

    This story about Jade Helm is getting crazier and crazier. This video is definitely worth a watch. Among other things, it suggests that the US military is developing artificial intelligence...
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  50. Helios

    Wow! That's all I can say.

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

    This video is worth watching in its entirety...

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  51. Guest


    Hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings by posting this...

    I'm a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me
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  52. Guest

    First it was hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo for Social Security Administration, the Postal Service and DHS. Now it looks like they want more "less lethal" shit, whatever that means....
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  53. Aristarchus

    According to a report on Zerohedge, the real US homeownership rate has never been lower. The entire generation of millennials is being locked out of purchasing a home because there is just so much...
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  54. Aristarchus

    There are many people out there that have been predicting SHTF for many years now.

    Anyone paying attention will know that the shit has been hitting the fan slowly and almost imperceptibly during...
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