UFO Sightings

UFO sightings have been reported for centuries, but they have become more common during the World War II era when Air Force pilots reported seeing various "foo fighters" in the European and Pacific theaters of operations. One of the most famous incidents in UFO history was the 1947 crash at Roswell, New Mexico. During the 1950s, these objects were called flying saucers or flying disks and were popularized in sci-fi TV shows and movies. Although some UFO sightings turn out to be natural phenomena or man-made aircraft, many others remain unexplained. The Phoenix Lights and NASA footage taken during space various space shuttle missions are among some of the most compelling UFO sightings in recent memory.

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  1. Helios

    Here's a pretty cool UFO sighting. You can clearly see some kind of orb or fireball drop from the UFO. I wonder what this could be!

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  2. Christian

    On this day in history, September 12, 1952...

    In the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia, several people reported a UFO and then subsequently the sighting of a creature known as...
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  3. Christian

    On this day in history, July 25, 1976...

    The Viking 1 spacecraft took the now-famous "Face on Mars" photograph in Mars' Cydonia region. Photos taken of the Cydonia region include other peculiar...
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  4. Helios

    Recorded on July 6, 2017, this is an amazing conversation between Bill Ryan from Project Avalon and Richard Dolan, one of the most respected and arguably important voices in Ufology.

    For a long...
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  5. MelonRealized

    The crash of the UFO at Roswell New Mexico has been a mystery for years. A mystery until now! I will finally reveal the true facts of the incident. First off, a UFO actually did crash despite the...
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  6. Christian

    On this day in history, May 6, 1996...

    The body of former CIA Director William Colby was found washed up on a riverbank in southern Maryland, eight days after he disappeared from a solo canoe...
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  7. Christian

    On this day in history, April 14, 1561...

    Around dawn, residents of Nuremberg saw what they described as an aerial battle, followed by the appearance of a large black triangular object and then a...
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  8. Helios

    Video footage comes from Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in 2001.

    Mr. Dan Willis, US Navy Commander, retired, talks about UFO emerging from out of ocean near San...
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  9. Aristarchus

    If this is your first visit to O3P, welcome to our forum!

    On Three Points is a relatively new discussion forum. Technically, we first went online in March of 2015, but over the past two years,...
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  10. Helios

    Thought this video was kind of interesting...

    As the world waited to see if Obama would provide disclosure on the UFO/alien subject before he left office, he took the stage one more time to slip...
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  11. Aristarchus

    I want to address a very peculiar thing that has recently started to happen in the world of advertising and its relation to the Internet.

    First, if you take a look around at O3P, you'll notice...
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  12. Helios

    As hard as it is to imagine now, there was once a time when UFOs were given serious, front-page coverage in US national news, and when the Air Force would hold press conferences at the Pentagon to...
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  13. Size Matters

    There have been numerous reports of UFO sightings near sensitive nuclear installations. Naturally, then, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would be the perfect place to get information under the...
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  14. Christian

    On this day in history, March 22, 1997...

    Comet Hale–Bopp made its closest approach to Earth. Hale–Bopp was discovered in 1995 separately by Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp prior to it becoming...
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  15. Christian

    On this day in history, March 13, 1997...

    The Phoenix Lights, an event which has become the most famous UFO sighting of all time, appeared over Phoenix, Arizona.

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  16. Helios

    Video footage from the 2016 Alien Cosmic Expo held in Brantford, Ontario. Victor Viggiani states that eleven (11) documents which come directly from NORAD, over the last 5 years, there has been an...
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  17. Christian

    A newly released trove of documents from the CIA reveals UFO sightings and psychic experiments from the "Stargate Program" which has long been of interest to conspiracy theorists and ufologists....
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  18. Helios

    Whoa! This is some incredibly clear footage of something flying across the moon!!!

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  19. Aristarchus

    On November 5, 1975, Travis Walton was allegedly abducted by aliens. He was with a group of his co-workers and friends who were going home for the day when their truck came upon a saucer-shaped...
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  20. Christian

    These Wikileak emails keep getting better and better!!

    Unfortunately, there's not much context here. Just some kind of conversation about the Pentagon keeping UFO information secret...

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  21. On Three Points

    Tonight we have a little surprise.

    We ordinarily use our night vision camera for spotting fast-moving objects that, quite possibly, are UFOs. However, tonight we decided to take a look at the...
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  22. Christian

    On this day in history, December 17, 497 BC...

    The first Saturnalia was celebrated in Ancient Rome. Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival held to honor the deity Saturn, a god of excess....
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  23. Helios

    This is freaking awesome! No more worrying about blurry fast-moving objects!

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  24. Laurel

    A British conspiracy theorist, Max Spiers, sent a text message to his mother saying, "If anything happens to me, investigate." Just a few days later, the 39 year old father of two was found dead...
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  25. Christian

    On this day in history, December 9, 1531...

    Official Catholic accounts state that the Virgin Mary appeared four times to a native Mexican peasant named Juan Diego (and one more to Juan Diego's...
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  26. Christian

    This video is pretty incredible! What is going on here??

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  27. Laurel

    On the 12 of November, 1963 President John F. Kennedy sent a request to the CIA to release necessary UFO files. He never got to see his request approved or rejected as he was assassinated only 10...
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  28. On Three Points

    Autumn is definitely in full swing. Towards the end of September, temperatures at night have hovered between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. We've been receiving a lot of comments on our previous Night...
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  29. Christian

    On this day in history, November 2, 1957...

    A large number of witnesses began to report strange events. Reports included sightings of flashes of blue light and mechanical and electrical failure...
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  30. Christian

    I'm not exactly sure what we're seeing here...

    Video description is in Spanish. Here is a translation:

    Security camera no. 4 Extraordinary video recorded on Monday August 22 at 3:30...
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  31. On Three Points

    It's been a very busy August. First off, as you might have already noticed, we've made some major changes to our Web site, and we hope these new improvements will provide a faster, more...
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  32. Christian

    On this day in history, July 8, 1947...

    The Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) public information officer Walter Haut issued a press release stating that personnel from the field's Operations Group...
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  33. Helios

    Tom DeLonge, former member of the band Blink 182, and now a current UFO Disclosure activist, has just given another great interview. In it, he says, "I know of stuff I can't talk about right...
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  34. Guest

    A trusted colleague who is not a Ufologist but does have an interest in Roswell and UFOs and who has the money, has taken this in a slightly different direction. He is offering a $10,000 reward...
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  35. izzy

    Since its launch in the 1950s, Area 51 has attracted the great interest of a huge number of people in the UFO community, very keen to find out what lies behind the perimeter of the tightly guarded...
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  36. Helios

    You tell me! My first thought was helicopters, but the lights seem to change colors. Not sure what this is, but seems unusual.

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  37. Guest

    As a kid, this was literally my favorite Sesame Street skit. I forced my parents to tape it on our VCR and I'd watch it over and over again.


    I'm not posting it as a "remember when"...
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  38. Christian

    This is an older video. It was uploaded to YouTube in 2013 but looks to be much older. It talks about the Columbia disaster, and I think they are talking about the Space Shuttle Atlantis, so it...
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  39. Guest

    It's 2016 and we all know how overloaded with crap the Internet has gotten. Websites, desperate for page clicks, will copy/paste-publish almost anything they hope will bring traffic to their site....
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  40. Laurel

    This footage is a few months old. It was published on youtube on August 20, 2015 but I just saw it for the first time today and I wanted to share. I can usually pick out CGI and at least to me, it...
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  41. Helios


    I'll try to keep the spoilers to a bare minimum, but there are a few things about the film that really stuck out at me and I wanted to make a post about it before I forgot them....
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  42. sparkster

    That may sound like a ridiculous statement at first but it's true, UFOs really can be summoned! I don't know if you are familiar with Dr Steven Greer or his Disclosure project or his Sirius...
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  43. Christian

    Now this is really freaky!

    Does anyone know if this might have gotten debunked? I'm wondering if it is a hoax made with video editing software or if might it be the real thing? Surely something...
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  44. Helios

    Look at this! I have no clue what that can possibly be. If you look closely, it does seem to turn. I don't think it's an optical illusion of the plane moving...

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  45. Aristarchus

    Real of fake?

    The image was taken by the Curiosity Rover and the 'woman' was spotted by a number of UFO sighting websites.

    The video has a lot of thumbs down on YouTube, but regardless, it's fun...
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  46. Helios

    It definitely seem to have some kind of structure to it. I don't know enough about NASA's solar imagery to comment on whether or not it's some kind of digital artifact or something...

    Here's link...
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  47. Guest

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  48. Christian

    This is pretty freaky! People saw a strange rainbow around the sun in Mexico today.

    Some people said there's a perfectly logical explanation--it's just ice crystals and it happens all the time,...
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  49. Guest

    Pretty crazy if real. But it's strange how the lights don't move at all. The skeptic in me says it's as if someone superimposed the static images and then transitioned them away.

    I can't really...
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  50. Guest

    Let me start out by saying this is completely my own opinion and theory, but I personally think Edward Snowden is controlled opposition and he's being allowed to reveal "secrets" by his superiors....
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  51. On Three Points

    It's been a very exciting summer so far. Over the past few weeks, armed with our new night vision image intensifier, we've had our camera aimed at the night sky whenever the weather cooperated....
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  52. sparkster

    A memo at the FBI Vault website states:

    "A very serious situation may develop at any time with regard to the 'flying saucers'. If one of those should be attacked, the plane will almost certainly...
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