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Does this make us sell-outs?

In our efforts to help people view the world from a more spiritual and less materialistic and commercial perspective, we may have forgotten to mention that we need commercial advertisers to help us achieve this.

Oh, the irony!

If you have a really awesome idea/product/service and want to get the word out about it, advertising usually does the trick. Funny thing is, though, a lot of people don't really like ads, especially on the Internet. Plus, selling ad space on our forum makes it seem like our mission here is only about making a killing in advertising revenue. It isn't!

O3P is not--and was never meant to be--a "cash cow." Its sole raison d'etre is about providing a fun and entertaining venue for people interested in discussing and learning about some pretty arcane subjects that mainstream society largely ignores.

Forget the fact that now we look like sell-outs. We're also horrified by the way in which advertising strangles free speech. Think about it! If Evil Biz, Inc. is some dastardly corporation committing all kinds of atrocities against its employees, but it's paying our bills here at O3P so we can keep the lights on, Evil Biz, Inc. isn't going to be very happy if our forum members make posts criticizing it. So, what are the people who manage the forum supposed to do? Should members be allowed to fully exercise their right to free speech (which could include criticism of our advertisers), or do we delete any offending posts to keep our advertisers happy and ensure that the steady stream of cash keeps flowing in?

If you're an advertiser and are still reading this, thanks for being a good sport! But seriously, the reality of the situation is this: it costs a lot of money to keep this site up and running. Without the generous support of our Premium Members and Advertisers, this site might not exist.

Okay, so we may be sell-outs, but we still have principles!

At this point, you may be wondering what would happen in the case of the people vs. Evil Biz, Inc. Although each case would probably be unique with a number of variables, we do not operate this forum devoid of moral and ethical considerations. In all honesty, we'd rather lose an advertiser than be accused of stifling free speech. This position may scare some advertisers away, but if nothing else, perhaps you now have a better understanding of our site's philosophy and convictions.

Life is all about compromise. We begrudgingly sell advertising space on our site, which may or may not make us sell-outs, but the revenue generated from these ads will go to a good cause: it will support the On Three Points forum community. The fact of the matter is that O3P offers valuable space for those looking to attract new customers and clients. Perhaps a site that focuses on UFOs and conspiracy theories isn't exactly prime advertising real estate, but for precious metals brokers, astrologers and survivalist supply dealers, an ad on O3P may be exactly what you need! Of course, we should also point out that any brand or niche could potentially benefit.

Total Control Over Your Campaign

With our Ad Manager, O3P essentially gives its advertisers nearly total control over their advertising campaigns. With this powerful system, advertisers can:

  • Conveniently choose from a selection of several different advertising packages
  • Create custom image banner advertisments and upload them directly to our ad system
  • Pause an ad campaign at any time
  • View and pay invoices via PayPal
  • Receive access to daily performance statistics, such as view and click count

Advertising Packages

Option 1: Top Page Responsive Ad

Your responsive advertisement banner will be displayed on a random basis at top of site pages.

Option 2: Forum Thread Post Ad (300x250)

Your Medium Rectangle (300 X 250) image advertisement banner will be displayed on a random basis inside forum post #1, #5, or #15 (and in corresponding positions on subsequent pages for multi-page threads).

Option 3: Middle of Forum Thread Responsive Ad

Your Resposnive advertisement banner will be displayed on a random basis on forum thread pages below post #10. For example, when a popular thread has at least twenty (20) replies, your ad will appear in the approximate middle of the page, between post #10 and #11. NOTE: This ad will not appear on all thread pages; it will only appear on thread pages that have at least ten (10) replies.pear on thread pages that have at least ten (10) replies.

Option 4: Bottom Page Responsive Ad

Your responsive advertisement banner will be displayed on a random basis at bottom of site pages.

Advertising Terms and Guidelines

All ads must be reviewed and approved before being displayed on the site. Please be aware paid forum members (Premium Members) enjoy an advertising-free experience of On Three Points. Additionally, some users may have ad-blocking software installed on the their computers, reducing the amount of views your ad may receive.

The following types of ads are either restricted or prohibited:
  • Adult content
  • Alcohol
  • Copyrighted Material
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Dangerous Products or Services
  • Dishonest Behavior
  • Financial Services
  • Gambling and Games
  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • Hatred, Violence, Harassment, Racism
  • Political Content
The ad review process involves us checking to make sure you aren't trying to advertise anything that, in our opinion, is illegal, deceptive or morally-questionable. If your ad does not get approved, we will contact you via e-mail. We reserve the right to remove any advertisement or suspend any advertising account at any time, for any reason. The advertiser is solely responsible for the content of their own advertisements. Additionally, advertisers must exercise due-diligence in making sure to obtain all necessary licenses for any copyrighted material contained in their advertisements, as well as making sure that their advertisements contain any necessary legal disclaimers and/or disclosures. All advertisers and advertisements are subject to our Disclaimer, Site Terms & Rules, and Privacy Policy.

Become an O3P Advertiser Today!

If you would like to launch an advertising campaign with On Three Points, please contact us.

If you are an existing O3P Advertiser, you can log in to our Ad Manager to crate a new ad, view your ad's performance statistics, and view and pay invoices.

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