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On Three Points offers guest posting and article submission opportunities! We are always looking for new authors interested in writing about conspiracy theories, the paranormal and supernatural, aliens & UFOs, philosophy, mysticism, and other thought-provoking subjects.

Although On Three Points is a forum where anyone may start a discussion thread, we also offer a special Research Library where professional authors and amateur writers alike can share their original and creative research. Writing opportunities are open to anyone, so if you have some interesting research to present, this is your chance to not only share your insight with our visitors--you can also promote yourself and build a reputation as researcher, or you can also promote your blog, Facebook group, or YouTube channel at the same time!

All articles will need to be reviewed by our editorial team to ensure the subject matter and format complies with our requirements, so we can't guarantee that your article will actually be published in our Research Library. However, if your article doesn't meet our standards, we will try to provide positive feedback to help you revise your material so that it can be published on our site.


We are looking for authors who are interested in writing about, but not limited to, the following topics:
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Aliens & UFOs
  • Ancient mysteries
  • Cryptozoology
  • Paranormal abilities
  • Spirituality & mysticism
  • Cryptocurrencies and precious metals
  • Supernatural phenomena and ghosts
  • Survival & living off-grid
  • Vegetarianism/veganism
  • Technology, artificial intelligence & robots
  • Astronomy & scientific mysteries of the universe


Article requirements:

  • Submitted articles must have a minimum of 1,000 words
  • Submitted articles must be written in natural English
  • Submitted articles must be completely original and authored completely by you. Plagiarism is not allowed and your article may not contain or any third-party copyrighted material
  • Submitted articles must not contain any defamatory or libelous material directed towards any person, group or organization
  • Submitted articles may not contain any express or implied statements of fact that are untrue, false, or misleading
  • Submitted articles must be exclusively published by On Three Points; or, if you decide to re-publish your article on another Web site after your article has already been published by us, your re-published article must include the text "originally published by On Three Points at: www.o3p.com"

Optional article suggestions:

  • Include a list of sources or link directly to your citations directly in your article
  • Embed images and videos

Terms and Conditions

Article submissions are subject to our Site Terms and Rules, which will govern any and all content that you provide which is intended for publication in our Research Library. Before we can accept any material from you now or in the future, you must read and accept these Site Terms and Rules. On Three Points reserves the right to accept or reject material at its sole discretion.

If you are interested in writing for us or are ready to submit an article, please contact us.

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