10,000 New Moderators Coming to YouTube

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    More censorship is coming. Now they're going after "extremist" and "disturbing" content (whatever that means), as well as video contented that is intended to “mislead, manipulate, harass and harm” viewers.

    YouTube to hire 10,000 moderators in major clampdown on ‘bad actors’

    The most insane part of all of this is that it's all completely subjective! One "bad" video is a "good" video to someone else! But now, average YouTube viewers won't have a say. The corporation will decide for us what is good and what is bad for us.

    Thank you, YouTube! /sarc :rolleyes:
  2. They want to kill freedom of speech on that site and not many seem to care because they won't be effected by it. These people, the ones who earn a living will be those who suffer the most. They either have to change themselves completely and risk losing viewers or just accept that they can't make money at all on that platform anymore.
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    Google needs some competition. They've been a monopoly for way too long.

    Unfortunately, nobody seems to have the resources of Google to be able to reasonably go up against YouTube. Any you can bet that if a project like this were to happen and the money to fund it was coming from Silicon Valley, you can bet that the censorship would be equal to or worse than what you're seeing now.

    I see so many YouTubers using Patreon now to go up against YouTube's demonetization schemes going on.

    But I think what this article is talking about goes beyond demonetization. I think they'll be taking down any videos they don't like and simply accuse the creator of bullying. I've been seeing that more and more lately. When videos were taken down, it was usually on copyright grounds. More and more I'm seeing "this video was removed because of bullying."
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    It is getting to the point where if you have ANY opinion that is more right leaning and left leaning, be it about cats, video games, or what you ate last Tuesday, Google is going to personally send drones of anti-fascist 20 somethings to punish you. It sickens me how suddenly so many people who seem to care about politics don't even understand how this country works nor how it was founded nor how they are protected by it. I bet they will like all the flag burning videos though, no doubt. If you want to protect your channel just be anti-America. Problem solved.