54 Members of Knights Templar Burned at the Stake

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    On this day in history, May 11, 1310...

    The Archbishop of Sens, Philippe de Marigny, took over the trial of the Templars. After being directed by Pope Clement V to proceed with the trials, de Marigny burned fifty-four members of the Knights Templar at the stake as heretics in order to prevent their participation in the trials. They were loaded into carts and taken to a field outside of Paris where they were burned at the stake as heretics. The continuator of the chronicle of William of Nangis says, "all of them, with no exception, finally acknowledged none of the crimes imputed to them, but constantly persisted in the general denial, saying always that they were being put to death without cause and unjustly: which indeed many of the people were able to observe by no means without great admiration and immense surprise."