"Astroturfing" is a way of manipulating you in order to change your opinion

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    We talk all the time about how propaganda is being spread all over the Internet. Shills used to be easy to spot, but the disturbing aspect is that when the message is heard so many times by so many people, people unconsciously begin change their opinions and unknowingly become recruited into an army of soldiers fighting to push an agenda.

    It's actually terrifying to see how malleable many people's minds are--and how easily they are influenced by constantly repeating messages, over and over again.

    Take bullying, for example. Just a few years ago, bullying was pretty much what it always was--a kind of rite of passage into young adulthood. We've all been bullied at one time or another. Next thing you know, it becomes a buzzword overnight--almost to the point where it's become this country's newest epidemic. Finally, the term gets so overused and so oversaturated in our society that it becomes the term for someone you simply disagree with.

    Hopefully, most people who consider themselves to be "awake" realize that they're just begging to be psychotically manipulated whenever they watch TV. But propaganda has now shifted from the television to a more insidious format: the Internet.

    Again, shills have been around for a long time, but unfortunately, professionals are turning the practice of shilling into an art form and are applying it in a scientific manner to a largely ignorant public.

    A new technique is called "astroturfing" which gets its name from the idea of fake grass, like astroturf. Astroturfing seeks to mimic genuine grassroots movements, but in the case of astroturfing, there is no grassroots movement and all the hubbub is all just weaponized propaganda trying to trick you into thinking a particular idea has nearly universal support. They utilize social media like Facebook and Twitter, publish ads, write letters to the editor, comment on blogs and yes, they're also on forums.

    What makes this all so scary is that once the fake seeds are planted into "mainstream" web outlets, it doesn't' take long before the ignorant public takes the fake information and runs with it.

    You really need to be careful what you allow into your mind. Question everything!