Bad omen if you hit a bird with your car?

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    I try to drive so carefully. In all the years I've been driving (20+ years) I can only remember hitting 3 animals total. The first was the rabbit who ran right out in front of me when I was driving home from college. The next was when I was driving home from a concert. It was late at night and raining heavily, and I saw a toad jump right in front of my car.

    And finally today, I have never experienced anything like this in my life. An extremely low flying little black bird swooped right in front of my car. I was only doing 40-45 mph but I even thought to myself, WTF? Of all animals to hit, I can't believe I hit a bird while it was flying.

    I checked my rear view mirror and for sure it was dead.

    I'm not an overly superstitious guy, but this one kind of really has me freaked out. Birds are literally my favorite animals. I love birds way more than cats and dogs. In fact my only pet is a parakeet. Growing up, my grandmother was super-superstitious about birds. She would get very aggravated and upset whenever she would find a dead bird in her yard.

    Plus, didn't ancient people try to predict future events using birds? I'm a huge fan of both Six Feet Under and the Sopranos, and all day today, all I could think about was how in both shows, when weird things happened with birds, something bad happened to the characters. Christopher Moltisanti was freaking out because there was a bird watching him during his ceremony to make him a "made guy." Christopher later...

    was killed by Tony Soprano for causing that car accident while on drugs

    And in Six Feet Under, that freaky bird kept coming into Nate's house during that house party and...

    then Nate died in a few episodes later.

    It just so happens that there's a lot of bad things going on in my life right now. Is this a sign telling me the problems in my life about to get much worse? Oh God I hope not!

    Does anyone know what this might mean, other than the fact that some people might call it "natural selection"?

    I really feel horrible, too. The bird was definitely not flying right. It was either a baby just learning to fly or maybe it was wounded.

    I guess I'm just wondering if I basically shattered a mirror or something today...
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    Turns out, both clips are on YouTube.

    It's actually kind of freaky now that I think about it. Both shows are HBO shows, and both had birds which foretold bad omens...