Body of Former CIA Director William Colby Found on a Riverbank in Maryland

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    On this day in history, May 6, 1996...

    The body of former CIA Director William Colby was found washed up on a riverbank in southern Maryland, eight days after he disappeared from a solo canoe trip. Colby served under Presidents Nixon and Ford and was replaced in 1976 by George H.W. Bush. After an autopsy was performed, Colby's death was ruled accidental, but conspiracy theories began to emerge suggesting foul play. In his 2011 documentary "The Man Nobody Knew," Colby's son Carl suggested that his father suffered from guilt due to his actions in the CIA and was tired of living, hinting at the possibility that he committed suicide. However, Carl's step-mother and siblings, as well as Colby's biographer Randall Woods, rejected this theory as being inconsistent with his character. Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project, has suggested that Colby was assassinated because Colby was planning on releasing information about alien and UFO technology to the world, and in addition, he had $50 million he was planning on using to make it happen.