"Für Elise"

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    On this day in history, April 27, 1810...

    German musician Ludwig van Beethoven composed Für Elise, which has become one of Beethoven's most popular songs. Although the identity of "Elise" has been disputed by historians, a popular theory makes Baronin Therese von Droßdik, (born Therese Malfatti)--a close friend of Beethoven--the most likely of the supposed dedicatees of the famous bagatelle.

    It would appear that Therese was the object of Beethoven's unrequited affection. In April or May 1810 Beethoven wrote to Therese a letter which ended:

    However, it has also been suggested that Beethoven may have written Für Elise for Elisabeth Röckel, a German soprano opera singer.

    Whatever the case may be, history unfortunately recounts that Beethoven had never found romantic love. He apparently had an unfortunate physical appearance, a crippling shyness, and, not being of noble birth, class also had been a major obstacle. Regardless, the beauty and genius of his work lives on far beyond the sometimes transient and fleeting nature of romantic love.