Happy Birthday Dogecoin!

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    Dogecoin officially turns 4 years old today!

    As many of you know, you can tip other members of O3P using Dogecoin. Dogecoin has pretty much established itself as the de facto internet tipping currency. A lot of people out there feel that it's gotten fairly stale as a cryptocurrency because supposedly there haven't been any updates to this coin from the developers in several years now. Plus a lot of people think the Doge meme isn't funny anymore.

    However, the community of shibes is still as lively and active as ever. And while Dogecoin hasn't exploded in price like the other cryptos have, Dogecoin has so far proven to be a fairly stable cryptocurrency. Some have suggested that a new floor of $0.001 has appeared based on the charts, as it hasn't really dipped below that in several months now.

    Also, Dogecoin's market cap has increased from $60 million (from when it was launched) to nearly $300 million today.

    Dogecoin has a stable price, a friendly community, quick transactions, extremely cheap transaction fees and is based on a funny meme of a Shiba Inu that people love.

    Happy birthday Dogecoin! To the moon!!!

    P.S. My standard disclaimer of cryptos applies to Doge--this isn't financial advice and if you get into cryptos, never invest more than you can afford to lose!