How to Handle "Fake News"

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    A message to the rational soul...

    There is an unprecedented attack on free speech and in particular, conspiracy theorists.

    There is a deliberate and targeted campaign going on right now to discredit the free thinkers of the world. In truth, the campaign to discredit conspiracy theorists has been up and running for several decades now, but it is accelerating at an ever-increasing pace.

    The buzzword today is "fake news." It would seem that anyone who asks questions or challenges the official story of certain events are now being demonized to the point where they are basically being placed on the same level as ISIS and al-Qaeda by the mainstream media.

    The establishment would like nothing more than for the whole world to stop asking questions and just accept facts as they are presented by the talking heads on TV. Why? Because a thinking public is more difficult to rule. Unfortunately for them, we live in the information age, and ordinary people have access to an unbelievable amount of information 24/7/365.

    The world needs independent truthers, investigators, and researchers now more than ever. You should never stop asking questions. I'm not suggesting that you become cynical, overly negative and skeptical, but you should never take anything at face value and you should accept the fact that you may not understand something as much as you think you do. There are always two sides to every story. Not everyone is humble and intellectually honest in this way, for their desire to be heard and accepted is far greater than their desire to gain any true insight. In fact, this trait of humility is really quite rare, so if you do possess some measure of intellectual honesty, consider yourself to be among the ranks of true philosophers.

    Indeed, to question the world in which you live is the very definition of a philosopher.

    Isn't it interesting how those who offer spiritual or philosophical insights to the world are often demonized by the multitude of humanity? Take a look at what happened to Socrates or Jesus, as just two examples.

    Here are the points to remember:

    Bear in mind that there are people out there all over the Internet who are trying to deceive you. They are either being paid to mislead you as part of some agenda, or they are trolls and enjoy throwing out hoaxes and disinformation for their own personal fun and entertainment, or they are simply woefully ignorant.

    The purpose of On Three Points is to provide a place where information can be shared. You should assume that none of the information that gets shared here has been verified or proven to be true or false (even if it originates from the MSM). It's simply here for your consideration and discussion. You and you alone must decide for yourself on the merits and veracity of the information. DYODD (do your own due diligence)!

    Also be aware that information can come from learned men of letters and sciences, as well as the uneducated (and even mentally ill). Never forget, however, that educated and professional men can suffer from mental problems and the unscholarly can very well be true adepts, in every sense of the word. Remember that saying about judging books based on their cover?

    Don't believe the hype. The idea of "fake news" is being pushed to scare people away from entertaining alternative ideas that differ from the mainstream. Remember, it's perfectly okay to ask questions. It's NOT okay, however, to defame people and businesses, and ruin their reputation based on a conspiracy theory. This is something we all need to be very careful about.

    Take everything with a grain of salt, regardless of the source. Beware of "official" news outlets. Remember, the propaganda of Joseph Goebbels was considered to be "official" in Nazi Germany. Weigh every story and discussion you read online, see on TV and read in books with tempered reason and the world will become a far richer place than you could have ever imagined.

    Luke 8:17
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