Hurrican Irma: Ocean Disappearing & Other Strange Phenomena

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    Lots of strange things are going on with these hurricanes.

    Predictably, Hurricane Harvey and Irma are being used by the left to push their typical human-made climate change propaganda.

    But do the intensity of these storms have more to do with the weather modification being used as a weapon than with "climate change"? Is it possible that geoengineering technology is being used to blackmail nonconforming, "rogue" elements of TPTB? Could this be a way of letting the "fringe elements" in power politics know that they're up against people who have the technological capability to literally make hell fall out of the sky?

    Food for thought.

    I'm reading all these stories about the ocean disappearing. Countless people are making comments that this is totally natural and that the hurricane is just so strong, it's acting like a vacuum, soaking up water making the ocean recede.

    I have lived through quite a bit of hurricanes in my time, and this is the first time I've ever heard or seen anything like this happen...

    Ant that incident of the ocean water receding in the Bahamas isn't the only case of this happening. It happened again on the coast of Florida in Tampa Bay...

    Sorry, but this does NOT seem normal to me.

    On top of all this, apparently Hurricane Irma is so strong, that it's registering as an EARTHQUAKE on seismometers.