Investing in Robots?

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    I've been doing a lot of thinking about the future and the more I read about robots, the more I think that once they get here, they won't be going away.

    I can't predict the future, but I have to wonder if things like robots and artificial intelligence just might be the next big technology revolution, and we're in the early days of another one like we saw 30 years ago when Apple and Microsoft began to get really big.

    I think robots and AI are still in the very early stages and like all industries, the technology needs to be economically viable. It would be awesome to have a single robot do all the dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc., but not with a price tag of $1,000,000.

    On the other hand, some tech companies working on robots are saying that a $100,000 robot designed for industrial or warehouse work will end up paying for itself in as little as 16 months, since the one-time price tag of the robot is far less than yearly salaries along with health insurance which would be required for "people" workers.

    Some are arguing that robots may end up creating more wealth, but a nervous public awaits millions of unemployed people who had their jobs replaced by automation.

    For those looking to bet on robots as an investment, I came across two different exchange traded funds (ETFs) which focus specifically on the robotic/automation niches. One is ROBO (Robo Global), and the other is BOTZ (Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic ETF). Both funds are baskets that include positions in a number of robotic companies that span multiple sectors, but each fund's approach is different. This is a good article explaining the difference between the two funds: Battle Of The Robot ETFs | Seeking Alpha

    Also, there is a good article here as well as a very interesting interview with some of the people that run the ROBO fund: How to Invest in the Future of Robotics -- The Motley Fool