James O'Keefe Confronts NYT Editor AGAIN

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    Still no comment.

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    Lol at 3:10...

    "Oh, he's looking out for our cameraman."

    They're both smiling. I can't understand why people can't just come together and talk. This guy's lawyers probably told him not to say anything to O'Keefe, but still...

    I wonder if he'd talk to O'Keefe if the two were sitting at a bar together with no cameras or microphones.
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    O'Keefe has found evidence of obvious political bias. He's using the same undercover journalistic techniques that REAL journalists used to use back when we had such a thing as real journalists. The question is whether or not top brass is aware of the obvious political bias. I think it's pretty naive to think they're not. There's a reason why the term "fake news" resonates with so many people. People have known about it for a long time. But it took someone like O'Keefe to shine a spotlight on this for those still asleep.

    I was at a bar the other night and sadly, many people still believe that it's impossible for the mainstream media to be anything less than 100% truthful.