Jaw-Dropping Super Storm Extends Over Half of the United States

Discussion in 'Alternative Thought Forum' started by Size Matters, Apr 29, 2017.

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    A VERY large, powerful storm system is forming over the United States stretching from New York all the way back to the Texas Panhandle. Resembles a unusual "energy rush" of some sort. This system, based off of these satellite images has the potential to create some very intense storms.

    Is this normal? I'm no weather expert, but this is the most unusual map weather map I've ever seen. I've never seen so much dark covering such a large area of the country like this.

    The weather has been pretty unusual lately, too. Lots of wind, strange humidity in the air.

    Could this be part of some weather modification program? I seriously have to wonder if this is natural...

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    Pretty crazy stuff.

    I'm not familiar with the weather in Kansas, but I will say a blizzard on April 30 should be considered pretty unusual...