Lesbian Feminist Spends 18 Months as a Man...and Learns Something Important

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    Disguised as a man for 18 months, feminist and lesbian journalist Nora Vincent infiltrated male strongholds by taking acting lessons and using professional makeup techniques. Although some men suspected that her character "Ned" may have been gay, most of the men were extremely surprised to learn that she was actually a woman when the reveal happened a the end of the 18 months.

    She states that she learned something very important about men, which she describes in detail in her book "Self Made Man"

    Her adventures include joining a bowling team, spending some time at a monastery, going to strip clubs, approaching women and asking them out at bars, online dating, and even talking to car salesmen and going on an all-male retreat.

    This is actually an old story, from 2006, but I think it's still an important story that needs to be told. Her conclusions may surprise you...

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    I don't remember hearing about this story but the fact that she said men are suffering too is a brave statement to make as a lesbian. This really needs to be seen by modern feminists big time. I don't claim to know everything about women and I know they have issues and struggles in life, but so do we. We just don't talk about it let women do.
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    Yeah this one slipped under my radar as well. I watched it earlier today and wanted to make sure I commented.

    It blows my mind that is caused her to have severe depression. And she is right! Gender is not something to mess with. It is written in our DNA. This is why men who insist on becoming women and women who insist on becoming men have mental problems. Many of the trans folks are highly depressive and suicidal.