Police Officers in Texas Buy a New Air Conditioner for 95 Year-Old WWII Veteran

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    With all of the bad press our police officers have been getting recently, I think it behooves us to recognize that there are some really amazing people out there who wear the uniform and not only do protect our streets and neighborhoods, but they also sometimes do some wonderful acts of kindness.

    A 95 year-old veteran of World War II from Fort Worth, TX called the police to tell them that his air conditioning had broken. After the police finished their rounds, they came to talk to the man, who was sitting on his front porch because it was too hot to sit inside. The police then bought him a new air conditioner, and even installed it for him! The Home Depot, after learning about what was going on, decided to give the man a $150 credit towards any air conditioner.

    Acts of kindness like this should never go unnoticed!

    Police officers buy 95-year-old WWII veteran air conditioner after his breaks