Pope Francis: "America Has a Distorted Vision of the World"

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    Apparently, Pope Francis seems to think the United States of America can be lumped in with China, Russia, North Korea, and Syria, because, according to him, these countries seem to have a "distorted vision of the world" and worries about the various alliances between these countries.

    Why do we have a distorted view of the world?

    According to the pope, the reason somehow has to do with immigration.

    Which is kind of odd, considering the record influx of Latino immigrants that have come to the USA over the past 20 years that our politicians have welcomed with open arms. On top of that, a 2012 study suggested that 51% of households headed by an immigrant (illegal or otherwise) was on at least one welfare program.

    We've had completely open borders since at least the time of George W. Bush and the Middle Class has been footing the bill. What really makes me angry is that some illegal immigrants live more comfortably than our own citizens! I'm not sure what else the pope expects from America.

    And another question--why is multiculturalism only being pushed in Europe and America? Why don't they push multiculturalism in places like Mexico, China or Japan?

    Pope Francis Says America Has ‘a Distorted Vision of the World’
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