Prince William says there are too many of us

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Is the planet overpopulated with humans?

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    You know, for as much as you hear about the depopulation conspiracy theories, I sometimes can't help but think along the same lines as Prince William.

    Prince William warns that there are too many people in the world

    I, of course, have nowhere near his wealth or power. I'm your average, everyday blue collar worker. So, I'm not speaking as some privileged or entitled elitist snob. But I do think the planet is heavily over populated. That's not to say I believe we should just start rolling out depopulation programs, but I think people, particularly at the lower end of the economic spectrum, need more education.

    I remember listening to Alex Jones several years ago talking about TPTB and their own depopulation agendas (think FEMA camps) and back then, he was saying that there are still huge amounts of untouched land and wilderness that could support many multiples of the current population. I question that. Just take a drive through New York City. It isn't even fun and you'll be lucky if you make it from the Upper East Side to the Lincoln Tunnel in an hour. And we're talking what...a mile? Maybe a mile and a half?

    In the movie "Interstellar" did you notice how people were friendlier when there weren't so many of us? I kind of remember people being friendlier in the 80s. Maybe I'm just remembering all the good stuff and filtering out all the bad, but the world seems much darker today and...keep in mind the world's population has just about doubled since the 1980s.


    What do you think? Are we overpopulated?
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