"Q Anon" on 4chan says things are about to happen...

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    All of this was posted at 4chan on /pol.

    It talks about Podesta being indicted tomorrow, 11/3.

    ANTIFA is staging protests around the country this weekend, ostensibly to subvert this operation.

    President's Twitter went down today for 11 mins. He's will be in Asia over the next few days.

    This user says the information is being put out here to ensure people stay calm.

    At least we won't have to wait long to find out if any of this is true...

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    I seriously think this is the real deal, folks!

    James Brower on Twitter

    "Scoop: Tony Podesta is one of the sealed indictments."

    Exactly as stated in that 4chan post.

    All this news also lines up with a bunch of things that have been happening (or said to have been in the works) since 2011. I know people like to break balls about David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford, but they were talking about the White Dragon Society and the "trillion dollar lawsuit" since at least 2011. Everybody thought it was BS but if this is true...HOLY SHIT! Then there really are "white hats" behind the scenes working for the betterment of mankind.
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    If anyone is wondering what I'm talking about regarding the "White Dragon Society" here are a few things videos/resources you should check out. Keep this in mind: TRUMP IS IN ASIA--exactly where the people who supposedly belong to the "White Dragon Society" would be from.

    The mass arrests video featuring Fulford and Wilcock:

    Trillion dollar lawsuit at Wilcock's Divine Cosmos site:

    CONFIRMED: The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny

    The lawsuit itself (pdf document): https://divinecosmos.com/media/Keenan_complaint_11-23-2011_SDNY.pdf

    134 Billion Dollar in US Bond seized at Italian border:

    Neil Keenan Getting his reward for supposedly filing the lawsuit on behalf of the White Dragon Society:

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    This all made for some really interesting reading over the weekend, and I'll admit I had my hopes up.

    Here's the bottom line though:

    1) Q Anon said that Podesta would be arrested 11/3 (announced 11/4)
    2) Q Anon said Huma would be arrested 11/6
    3) Prior to leaving the US, Trump was supposed to have tweeted something to the effect of "this is the calm before the storm."

    All three of these things were supposed to happen to authenticate Q Anon. None of these things have happened.

    Granted, I heard that there were outages today from Comcast and some other major Web sites, but the power never went out. The Q Anon bread crumbs did say something about certain MSM and social networks possibly going off-line but we shouldn't panic if they do. Also don't forget that the emergency broadcast system was never engaged to make any of these so-called weekend announcements in an effort to trump the MSM on the stories.

    There was something in that Q Anon thread that said something about Podesta (Tony?) trying to flee the country but his plane was ordered down by the military. That was said to have happened on Friday night. Here it is Monday and there's still absolutely no information anywhere about that.

    The Saudi Arabia thing--I will admit that is a VERY interesting development in all of this. There may definitely be some background operation going on, cutting off some money to the Dems and Neocons. But this is all just conjecture. It could be totally unrelated (though MSM DOES seem to indicate that it's about purging corruption, which does make all of this very interesting). I'm still not super clear about what is going on there, however.

    This stuff is interesting and I wish wish wish it were true. Maybe it will turn out to be true. But, we need to stay objective about all of this. We can't believe everything we read on the internet, lest we all fall into the same trap as the masses on Facebook.

    It's very likely that we're all getting trolled. It very well could be that the opposition is telling the truth-seeking community exactly what we all want to hear for some nefarious reason. We need to be skeptical about this whole thing...but perhaps cautiously optimistic.