Reddit Post From 4 Years Ago Predicted Bitcoin at $10,000 in 2017

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    Ok, now the part where the story goes into the Twilight Zone...

    The post was made on Reddit back in 2013 by a person claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2025. He was describing the world in which he lived in the year 2025, and the picture was not pretty. Basically, Bitcoins had created a new class of ultra-wealthy individuals and nations. Economic growth stopped and the economy basically resembled that of the Middle Ages, because for most people, 0.001 Bitcoins was enough to live on for the rest of their lives.

    This all might sound like live-action role play, but here comes the interesting part:

    Either this poster really is a time traveler, he's just really lucky with his predictions...or maybe this thing was all planned out from day one and the developers (or AI) knew that the value of Bitcoin would increase by a factor of 10 each year.

    Anyway, I'm not claiming there's any truth to this post. It seems a little difficult to believe. I mean, you can't believe everything you read on the Internet. Still, the Bitcoin price thing is a little creepy, just by how accurate his call really was. Are we really headed for $1,000,000 Bitcoin in less than 4 years? Is the future described by this Redditor really what's in store for us with this cryptocurrency thing?

    Here's the full post: I am a time-traveler from the future, here to beg you to stop what you are doing. • r/Bitcoin
  2. I have seen things like this happen before and I really can't see how someone would be THAT spot on without knowing something on the inside OR being able to actually come back from the past. I am a bit on the fence with all if it really but it is very creepy to consider. For all we know, there are time skippers all around us.
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    I think it's important that we keep in mind that we still have NO idea in the world who "Satoshi Nakamoto" is. That fact alone should make people a little wary about bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency movement. I mean, who is REALLY behind this? It's one thing if it came from some brilliant computer geek and as it turned out, it was just a really, really good idea that got popular on its own naturally.

    But, what if everyone is buying bitcoins, thinking they're sticking it to TPTB, and in reality, bitcoin was created by TPTB?

    A professional, world renowned hacker, who hacks professionally to help companies patch holes in their software and websites, recently tried breaking into bitcoin and found it to be the most complex code he's ever seen in his life. He said that the creators of bitcoin actually predicted all his hacking avenues in advance. It led him to believe that bitcoin was actually created by artificial intelligence and was later modified by humans.

    When you hear stories about the deep state having technology 30-100 years more advanced than the stuff that's been released commercially, it really makes you wonder.

    I doubt the whole time traveler angle, but it's very possible that bitcoin could have come from some top secret government laboratory and was tested both technologically and psychologically on test subjects well over a decade ago. Maybe that's how these "time travelers" already know what's going to happen now that the project has gone live.
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    Maybe John McAfee saw this Reddit post, too.

    He made the call a few years back saying that he saw Bitcoin going to $55,000 in a few years or he'd eat his di*ck lol.

    Well, he's now predicting that Bitcoin will be at $1,000,000 by 2020 or he'll eat his di*k.

    No, I am not making this up :D...

    John McAfee Bullish on Bitcoin Price Reaching $1 Million by 2020
    I can tell you one thing, I NEVER intend on investing in this. I have read on bitcoins and no one seems to know who runs it or even why there is such s thing. I don't know if it is some long standing scam or what but I would rather be safe than sorry. I have a few guys try to sell me on it online in the last few months. I stopped talking to them.
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    It's important to note that Bitcoin comes on the scene at the exact same time as the financial collapse of 2008.

    I remember that like it was yesterday. You had all the bank bailouts and cash for clunkers all at the same time. Meanwhile, everybody in the "alternative" community thought that this was it, and the banksters were about to hit the reset button.

    Between that time, 2008-2012, you saw the price of gold hit nearly $2000/oz and silver at almost $50/oz. These are traditionally your "safe haven" assets so during this whole crisis, I can remember people speculating that gold would hit at least $10,000/oz and silver over $500/oz. They also predicted hyperinflation and the downfall of the US dollar.

    Interestingly, interest in hard assets like precious metals has hit the skids. Gold and silver prices have flatlined for over 3 years now. $1200 in gold in 2013 would equal about $1200 in gold today. Meanwhile, $1200 in bitcoin in 2013 would equal about $17,000 today.

    As a goldbug myself, I find these developments extremely interesting. Each time the Fed raised interest rates over the past 2 years, the price of gold dropped. I used to frequent gold forums quite often before bitcoin hysteria hit the mainstream. They were CONSTANTLY saying they were "still stacking."

    Go ahead and visit any number of gold forums right now. The sentiment is DISMAL!