Robert F. Kennedy Shot at Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles

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    On this day in history, June 5, 1968...

    Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, younger brother of John F. Kennedy, was shot after a campaign rally held in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, is arrested but is later unable to recall the events of the murder. The case become so bizarre, that many conspiracy theories began to emerge suggesting that Sirhan may have been a 'manchurian candidate' assassin--a killer programmed to kill through mind control techniques, such as hypnotism. While the idea may sound far-fetched to some, the declassified Project MKULTRA traces its roots to the human experiments conducted by Josef Mengele and other Nazis during World War II, and the information learned from these experiments were eventually handed over to the Soviet Union after Germany's defeat. Sirhan underwent psychological testing and was found to be "highly hypnotizable."