Robot Dies in Accidental Drowning

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    A security droid has apparently fallen into an indoor pool inside a Washington DC-area office building, where it had been doing security patrols (patrols of the office building, not the pool).

    For the people worried that robots will take away our jobs, we can, for the moment, bask in the knowledge that flesh and blood is superior to silicon circuits.

    This isn't the first time one of these security droids have been involved in a mishap. It's been reported that one had been defeated by a drunk man and another had inadvertently run over a child's leg.

    These are, of course, just bugs that need to be worked out. The robots ARE coming and will become more and more common as time goes on, whether we like it or not...

    Pics and full story at link...

    Look at this sad robot and rejoice at your human superiority