Scientific Community Calls for Investigation into 'Alien' Peruvian Mummies

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    There's been widely-reported story circulating around over the past few weeks about mummies that were discovered near the Nazca Lines in Peru that do not appear to be human, particularly because of the three-fingered hands and feet. One of the researchers involved with the discovery claimed that the mummies appeared "reptilian" in appearance.

    Some in the scientific community, however, are expressing their doubts, with some believing the whole thing is an elaborate hoax. According to the article below, one group in particular, the organizers of the ninth annual World Congress on Mummy Studies, has taken their doubts a step further, expressing their concerns that the mummies may have been desecrated in an effort to make them appear as if they were non-human extraterrestrials.

    Here's the full article...

    ALIEN MUMMIES: Is this the shocking TRUTH about the 'discoveries in Peru?'

    And a video for some context...