State of Emergency Declared at Unite the Right Rally

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    This weekend, thousands of "Not On My Watch" protesters, including white nationalists, pro-Confederacy groups, and others supporting the so-called "alt right" are planning to hold a rally today in downtown Charlottesville, Va., near the endangered statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Marchers clashed with protesters and police, prompting Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, to place National Guard members on standby.

    Here's video last night during a "white lives matter" chant during which a fairly large fight breaks out.

    UPDATE: One live feed was just cut short when a marcher said that the National Guard will start arresting people for "unlawful assembly."

    Gov. Terry McAullife declared a 'state of emergency'

    Gov. Terry McAullife declared a 'state of emergency' in response to 'Unite the Right' rally
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    A CAR has plowed through a group of protestors...


    Trying to find more information on who did what...
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    One person has died from their injuries in that car crash.