Thank You to All Our Veterans

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    When it comes to arguments and debates, especially of a political nature, I personally prefer to stay neutral (at least on this site) and I'm just happy to provide a place for other people to report on and debate current events. I call this site a "conspiracy forum" because that's what people search for in search engines, but I much prefer the phrase "alternative thought forum" because my goal is simply to get people thinking. I want more people to ask questions about subjects that are often ignored by the mainstream.

    I think the term "conspiracy site" gives off a negative connotation, making it seem like this site is all about running with crazy conspiracies and wild speculation that have little or no basis in fact. "Alternative thought," on the other hand, is a little more gentle and maybe a little less presumptive?

    In trying to stay neutral on most issues, the recent NFL kneeling debate is something I've mostly stayed quiet about. There is merit in keeping your opinions to yourself, especially in a climate where nearly 60% of all Americans are afraid to share their political beliefs. However, we're coming up on Veteran's Day, and it's been said that the hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in times of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.

    Let me just say that it makes me sick to see that all of those NFL players are allowed to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem.

    There are certain philosophical fallacies involved with patriotism and nationalism. I am totally aware of this. For example, nationalism breeds fear, resentment and suspicion of outsiders. Patriotism helps to maintain and reinforce a primitive bias and self-serving arrogance that "I am better than you." After all, like the late, great George Carlin would say, being an American isn't a skill. I mean, if you were born here, what an arbitrary thing to be proud of!

    Of course, on the other hand, for immigrants coming to this country legally and doing all the studying, learning English and taking the test to become a citizen, well then yes, those people definitely have a right to say they are "proud" to be an American.

    When I see America's enemies trying to destroy it from the inside, I feel the need to take a stand. I need to say something about it. The NFL players "taking a knee" during the National Anthem are being used as pawns in a grand game of chess and if the powers behind this stunt actually achieve their other goals, then the America we knew and loved is finished.

    People nowadays love to make the argument that America isn't all that special, and that you can go to Canada, or England, or Germany, or Iceland and you'd have just as many rights there as you do in America. If any of that is actually true, the fact of the matter is that the USA was the trailblazer. If it wasn't for America raising the bar and redefining what it means to live in a civilized society, then it's very likely that the rest of the world would still be living under despotism today. If people in other countries enjoy their freedom, they can thank America for re-defining what "freedom" truly means.

    Think about what our Declaration of Independence and Constitution say: All men are created equal; all men have certain inalienable, God-given rights; we have the freedom of speech and expression; we have the right to vote; we have the right to peacefully assemble to protest laws and politicians. The list goes on and on.

    And just as these tenets were a slap in the face to nearly 2,500 years of European/Roman imperial tradition back when America was founded, tyrants and depots still hate the American way of life and are working actively to dismantle and destroy it. Because of the Second Amendment and the fact that Americans are heavily armed, tyrants can't just come in and take what they want through force. So, they've decided to try to sow the seeds of dissension and divisiveness among the simple-minded plebeians in order to rot and corrupt the country from the inside out.

    There is still iniquity, there is still injustice, many American laws are unfair, many American politicians are extremely corrupt, and many American citizens are astoundingly stupid. America is far from perfect, but its ideals and values make it a shining light in an otherwise dark world. A handful of intelligent men put their heads together 300 years ago to set it up, but millions have sacrificed everything to ensure that light doesn't go out.

    And so, we honor all of our American veterans. I'm not giving out a trite and empty "thank you for your service." I am reminding all of our veterans that because of your courage, because of your sacrifice, and because of your love and commitment to our country, YOU are the only reason why the American light hasn't been extinguished. That is a remarkable achievement. And for that, I am forever grateful.

    I hate to keep going off on this football thing, but it really struck a nerve with me. Someone needs to tell these social justice warriors that they are spitting in the faces of the veterans who have fought and given their lives to protect the rights of these SJWs. I mean, just think about that for a second. These veterans fought to secure the rights of all Americans, including the SJWs' right to protest (or, in other words, spit in the face of America and her veterans). So, get off your knees and stand at attention when you hear the "Star Spangled Banner" and remember you are doing this to pay respect to the millions of veterans who have sacrificed so much in order to ensure everyone else has a safe life with their rights protected.

    If you insist on kneeling during the national anthem, or support those that do, then perhaps you should move to another country where such disrespect isn't allowed. Yes, even in 2017, there are places on earth where humans have to suffer under the iron fist of despotic rule, where disrespect to one's flag (or more likely, one's leader) is not tolerated.