The Insanity Continues: Students Applaud with "Jazz Hands" because Clapping Triggers Anxiety

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    Delegates were also told they could face “consequences” for excluding deaf people by cheering, according to The Telegraph.

    I quite honestly don't understand what they're trying to accomplish here.

    I mean, why does clapping trigger anxiety, but standing up and flailing your hands about doesn't?

    I think these libtards just get off on being smug while trying to change traditional social behaviors at this point, all in the name of trying to protect the poor, weak, defenseless snowflakes. The funny thing is, most of these snowflakes could learn how to not be weaklings. They could take self-defense classes to toughen up or whatever and start standing up for themselves. But for the most part, I think they CHOOSE to be weak.

    Students mark election of union chief with 'JAZZ HANDS' as clapping 'triggers ANXIETY'