The Mysterious Face on Mars

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    On this day in history, July 25, 1976...

    The Viking 1 spacecraft took the now-famous "Face on Mars" photograph in Mars' Cydonia region. Photos taken of the Cydonia region include other peculiar curiosities, in addition to the Face. Cydonia has become a major area of research among the extraterrestrial and ufology communities. Most notably, Richard C. Hoagland has written and given extensive talks on the subject, and the possibility that some of the features of Cydonia, including an apparent 5-sided pyramid, are actually evidence of a long-lost Martian civilization. This lost Martian civilization theme was also presented in the 2000 film, Mission to Mars. Some have even suggested that certain features of Cydonia closely coorespond with features found at the Pyramids of Giza. Interestingly, the name "Cairo" is a direct reference to Mars, the "Conquering Star."