Time to Re-Think LED Light Bulbs?

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    I think based on a lot of the posts on this forum, your average visitor just stopping by really might start to get the impression that our forum community is very anti-technology. I was just reading a different post where a poster basically said that our lives are getting easier because technology has made things more convenient, but are the advances in technology that make our lives more convenient actually better?

    There are plenty of articles talking about the possible dangers of microwave ovens, cell phone towers, smartphones and Wifi, sunscreen, sugar, chlorine, fluoride, etc.

    I don't like to do fear-mongering and I'm not some ancient fossil desperately trying to cling to the "good old days." And again, I'm not anti-technology. Having said that, I think it might be time to re-examine some of the things that are being marketed as being "better."

    I'll admit, when I saw that some LED bulbs are advertised as possibly lasting up to 11 years with hardly any power consumption, I went on a shopping spree and replaced all the bulbs in my home with LED bulbs.

    Just around the time LED lighting was getting popular, I remember reading an article about how LED street lights may be emitting a frequency of blue light that some studies refer to as "phototoxicity."

    There are other studies suggesting that this short wavelength in the blue range also disrupts melatonin production necessary for sleep. Going back to street lights, research suggests that there are some indications that LED bulbs interfere with the migratory patterns or birds and normal behaviors of other animals.

    Anyway, here is a GREAT talk about the subject if you'd like to learn more about the possible unintended and harmful effects of LED lighting.

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    I originally went with the bulbs because the spiral cancer causing bulbs gave me horrible migraines. Now this has given me something to think about. Yes, they last long but at what cost. My sleep has been a mess and thinking back, maybe it has to do with sitting under these LED bulbs for hours every day in my office (It is in my basement). I am going to get some regular bulbs and see if that changes anything for me. Thanks for posting this.
  3. It's not just LED lightbulbs. You also have to take into consideration that high energy light is being emitted from LED monitors and cellphones too.

    I just bought a new Samsung 27" LED monitor and it has something called "Eye Saver mode" and what it does is basically mess with the colors and brightness to tone down the blue light that, when Eye Saver Mode is off, is dangerously close to Ultraviolet.

    There's also a program you can install on your computer called f.lux which supposedly cuts down on the high energy blue light: f.lux

    UV, if you'll remember, is what you have to worry about when laying out in the sun and it's also why you need to wear those special goggles when going tanning.

    I personally don't like the Eye Saver mode or f.lux because I don't like the colors being messed with. I use photoshop and lightroom and I can't have my colors messed with. They need to be accurate.

    So I use this: https://www.amazon.com/Protector-Diagonal-PC-Blocking-Hazardous/dp/B00TFWZMXY/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1515882381&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=27"+blue+light+monitor&psc=1

    There are other companies out there that make filters for your cellphone and tablets--and yes, those devices--if they have LED--also emit high energy blue light.

    High energy blue light can possibly lead to macular degeneration down the road. The makers of these LED products better start to get their act together before we all wind up blind!