Titus Ends His Siege of Jerusalem

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    On this day in history, August 4, 70...

    The Roman army, led by future Emperor Titus, ended his siege with conquering of Jerusalem. During the battle, the Second Temple, or Herod's Temple, had been destroyed. According to the historian Josephus, Titus was moderate in his approach and ordered that the 500-year-old Temple be spared. According to Josephus, the Jews first used fire in an attempt to stop the Romans advances towards the Temple. Only then did Roman soldiers set fire to an apartment adjacent to the Temple, a conflagration which the Jews subsequently made worse. The destruction of both the first and second temples is still mourned annually as the Jewish fast Tisha B'Av. The Arch of Titus was constructed in Rome around AD 82 by the Emperor Domitian shortly after the death of his older brother, Titus, to commemorate Titus's victories, including the Siege of Jerusalem. The Arch of Titus illustrates the apotheosis of Titus its center, and it has provided the general model for many triumphal arches erected later in Europe, most notably, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.