Trump Immigration Comments Create Snowflake Shitstorm

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    “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump asked.

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    I don't see what the big deal is. Oh yeah, I forgot, we don't have freedom of speech in this country anymore.
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    I like Trump for the most part.

    However, with Trump calling a country a "shithole," it seems like he's trying to piss people off more than anything, and play into this whole divide and conquer crap.

    Trump is supposedly this guy working with "white hats" to deliver humanity out of the chains the elite have put us all in for hundreds of years. At least that's what we've been led to believe by the likes of some influential alternative commentators and entities like QAnon.

    Did no one ever tell Trump about economic hitmen? Is he completely ignorant to the facts as to why some of these places are shitholes....and the role the United States played in making them that way???

  5. Aristarchus

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    Interesting insight as always, Christian.

    I'm still waiting to see if he actually said it. I'm sure the sentiment is true, but did he actually say those words in fact, or is this just a fake rumor attack by his political enemies? I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't true. Even Trump must know that saying something like that isn't very "presidential."

    On the other hand, the city in which I grew up is a shithole. I have no problem describing it in that way. The area had been betrayed by local leaders for decades which literally transformed a once-beautiful and thriving community into a veritable cesspool. Sometimes you have to call it like you see it.
  6. Christian

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    You could be more right about this than you know.

    The latest that I heard was that two Republicans that attended the meeting didn't recall Trump making those comments and supposedly one of the Democrats that "leaked" this story is now having memory problems and thinks they aren't remembering things quite as they happened in reality.

    Who actually knows, though.

    As I mentioned earlier, I think before we disparage a country like Trump allegedly did, it's really important to understand how the global elite use economic blackmail to take advantage of--and eventually impoverish--countries, like Haiti. It's very sad, and the countries that get caught up in this are literally victimized by a swindle because the elite create an almost impossible situation for the nation and its people, and then they're also the ones to come up with an equally treacherous "solution" that completely robs them out of both their infrastructure and natural resources.

    I'm actually very close with several Haitians. I have the immense good fortune of being in a position where I'm able to meet people from all walks of life and the Haitians I've met are some of the warmest, kindest people I've ever met. I know they get a bad rap because of Voodoo and all that, but as I've said, the ones I've met are really wonderful people. Many people mistakenly think that Haitians speak Spanish, it being a Caribbean/South American country and all, but Haitians actually speak French. And that leads us to a very interesting history about Haiti that I think very few people actually know about.

    France has been a hotbed of activity for mystical and esoteric traditions for a very long time. Just as an example, the Cathars were there and although they were Christianized, they also perpetuated traditions that were very non-Christian, but were part of a generational/familial custom and tradition. In fact, anthropologists found that some of their customs which were passed down from generation to generation actually came from ancient Egypt, and the Cathars were completely unaware of this--they just had certain traditions that were passed down.

    I mean, you have the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry originating there. Before that, you had the Alumbrados in Northern Spain and Southern France. You also have Loyola and the entire Basque people (with an unusually high concentration of Rh- blood types, I might add) coming from this same area. It's an area extremely rich in mystical traditions.

    Well, think about what happened during World War II. Esotericism and mysticism was outlawed by Hitler when France was under Nazi occupation. But Haiti, with its close ties to France, was not under occupation and so the Haitians played a very important role in preserving certain mystical traditions when things went "dark" in continental Europe.

    For those interested, take a look at this document: