Video Shows Car Getting Hit With Baseball Bat Prior to Crash

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    There's a question now raging online about whether or not the driver of the car that plowed into a crowd of counter-protesters was acting in self defense.

    Just before the crash, a protester hit the car with a baseball bat. This link below shows a zoom of the bat attack just before the crash.

    VIDEO: Protesters Attacked Charlottesville Driver's Car With Baseball Bat

    From the video only, it sure looks like he was acting in self-defense.

    However, when you watch the video below (the original), you can clearly hear screams and people jumping out of the street before the guy hits the car with the bat.

    Here's the original video. The guy hits the car with the bat at 3-4 seconds in. Did he do this because the car was speeding?

    I don't think anything is proven yet. We'd need to see exactly where this car came from and why it was speeding. Was it attacked further up the road, or was this a deliberate attack like the media says it is?